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Empowering your services with advanced information technology solutions.

Transform your health care delivery

Are you ready for next evolution in health care?

In today's market environment, healthcare organizations are confronted with greater challenges such as shifting payment models, increased competition, regulatory changes, clinical advances, new technologies, workforce trends, and increased competition.

In order to transition to a value-based healthcare delivery system, your organization needs a rapid transformation in your healthcare delivery and management. A significant player in that transformation is healthcare information technology.

Choosing us as your partner will help you Optimize your delivery approach, redesign your workflows, and plan for the future. When it comes to your transformation journey, we are your #1 choice because we can help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

Invest in Healthcare Technology

Which technologies will drive your vision?

Compared to other industries, healthcare has been relatively slow to adopt technological innovations. But the explosion in emerging technologies, coupled with a growing demand for technology to support the patient experience, are driving organizations to rethink technology's strategic impact.

Mobile apps, advances in home and self-monitoring devices, and telemedicine services are already impacting organizational models, operations, and workforce. You therefore need to decide whether to partner, adopt, or compete with these new entities and models.

As these trends increase and healthcare systems evolve, NtuBed Global Healthcare is here to help you plan, select, implement, and optimize the technologies that best align with your vision.

Optimise your business system.

Where will you drive your business performance improvements?

You need to identify which workflows to redesign or eliminate in order to improve your performance clinically. For many organizations, this can be an overwhelming task for an already overworked internal team.

Our business optimization services can provide an objective set of eyes on your business performance. Our experienced consultants will work with you to gather and analyze your business data, conduct high level process reviews, and interview your staff to carefully identify optimal improvements that will save you time and money.

We understand that improvements to process workflows and technologies can dramatically reduce costs and optimize your service delivery.

When you choose NtuBed Global as your partner, we can help you realize the improvements your organization needs.

Are you ready for go-live?

Go-Live Support & Training

Go-Live is one of the most important phases of any software implementation. An efficient, smooth Go-Live and system transition requires the right level of preparation and engagement of all participants.

You need a proper Go-Live plan and appropriate amount of support to win over your clinical and non-clinical staff members. We have a dedicated Go-Live team with the right Go-Live practice that is focused on activation events, onboarding, logistics, and training support to make sure your system kicks off smoothly.



We have a professionally managed data center that undergoes rigorous annual audits. We employ strict control procedures making sure your data is safe, reliable and secured.